Bike Fitting with a Physio

Posted in #pivotalmovement Biking North Van Physio Sports | May 7, 2015

bike fittingGetting a bike fitting with a physiotherapist has many advantages!

With the warm weather and longer days, we have seen an increase in clients coming in for bike fittings  to ensure they are optimally set up to ride efficiently and comfortably. It’s great to see the bikes rolling into the clinic and watching clients leave with that perfect fit!

We asked Nathan, one of the owners and physios here at Pivotal Health in North Vancouver and an avid cyclist himself to walk us through what you could expect from booking a bike fit with him.

Why should a cyclist come in for a bike fitting?

We spin each leg almost 11,000 times in a 2 hour bike ride, so a fitting that is slightly off can become a big deal after that much repetition.  A bike fitting will adjust the bike to your individual needs/flexibility/issues, and make you both more powerful and comfortable.

How does the process unfold?

We will go through a detailed history of issues or injuries you have had in the past, both cycling and non-cycling related.  We then go through a thorough physical exam of the muscles and joints involved in cycling, from head to toe.  After identifying any risk factors, we’ll set you up on our trainer and watch how you pedal your bike.  You’ll watch a video of yourself cycling, and how your posture looks while riding.  Keeping all this in mind, we’ll adjust the bike to meet your needs (adjusting cleats, saddle and handlebar position, and your posture on the bike).  The before and after videos are generally quite staggering!

What are the added benefits of doing a bike fitting  with a Physiotherapist?

I know how the body works, and can quickly identify when it’s not working.  I can tell you which issues are correctable, and which need to be compensated for.  If there are specific muscles or joints which need addressing, I will show you some exercise to help improve these, and make your cycling even better!

How long is the bike fit?

The whole process generally takes 90 minutes.

Can I claim this in my benefits?

Yes, as a registered physiotherapist, you can claim this through your insurance. Benefits plans do vary, so please check with your provider to determine your coverage.

One of the riders who was in last week said this about his recent bike fitting: ” I implemented the key tips and changes Nathan suggested while on the bike and have ridden several times since then pain free! In fact, I’m now hoping to be able to ride the Granfondo in September. Nathan’s knowledge and expertise in these areas is very impressive. He was able to clearly explain how my body works thereby helping me gain strength and power and remain injury free.” 

If you are interested in booking a bike fitting, call us at 604-770-1668 or spread the news to your fellow cyclists! Get out there and pedal happy!