Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT)

Posted in Injuries Massage | June 3, 2016

Written by Elisa Peterson, RMT. Fight Sickness, Manage Swelling and Detoxify your Body with One System? You bet! Your gentle yet mighty Lymphatic System quietly fights foreign invaders such as germs, viruses and bacteria, reduces infection and is responsible for keeping litres of body fluid flowing and filtered. Every day…

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Seak the Peak Training Tips

Posted in Events Uncategorized | May 19, 2016

Seek the Peak is an exciting and gruelling 16 km race that starts at Ambleside and goes straight to the top of Grouse Mountain. Not only does this race provide for a tough workout, but the race raises funds for the BC Cancer Foundation and the fight against breast cancer. We…

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Resistance Training in Young Athletes

Posted in Injuries North Van | April 22, 2016

Written by Gretchen McLennan Ever wonder if your teenager is risking getting injured because he/she is training so much? Is your young star athlete training in one sport and you are worried about over-training? Are you concerned about your child’s safety in his/her chosen sport? The topic of how we…

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Movement Retraining

Posted in Injuries Sports | March 24, 2016

As a busy North Vancouver physiotherapy clinic, many days our gym area is bustling with athletes and weekend warriors trying to rehab from injury so they can get back to doing what they love. It’s exciting to announce that Andrew is now offering one-to-one Movement Retraining specific treatment services aimed…

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Ice or Heat Therapy for Pain Relief

Posted in Uncategorized | July 14, 2015

Being a busy North Vancouver physiotherapy clinic with an active and outdoorsy client database, we are often asked about the general rules of thumb around using ice or heat for pain relief whether it be with new acute injuries, or with more chronic or persistent pain. Our practitioners always try…

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Bike Fitting with a Physio

Posted in #pivotalmovement Biking North Van Physio Sports | May 7, 2015

Getting a bike fitting with a physiotherapist has many advantages! With the warm weather and longer days, we have seen an increase in clients coming in for bike fittings  to ensure they are optimally set up to ride efficiently and comfortably. It’s great to see the bikes rolling into the…

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Snow Sport Conditioning

Posted in North Van Physio Sports | November 25, 2014

With the first signs of snow officially on the local mountains, our minds turn to winter sports. Whether you are a downhill or cross-country skier, a snowboarder or a snowshoe enthusiast, there are a few key stretches and exercises that you should be doing to help keep you injury free…

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What is IMS? (Intramuscular Stimulation)

Posted in Uncategorized | October 22, 2014

We are often asked by new patients to describe what IMS  ( Intramuscular Stimulation) is and why our physiotherapists use it as one of their most powerful treatment methods. We asked our team of physiotherapists to describe how they approach this with clients. Can you describe what IMS is?  IMS is a therapeutic…

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