Throughout my experiences in triathlon and ultra-running, I have struggled with many injuries. When starting out, I consulted with several physiotherapists but even though they would cure me in the short term, injuries would always reappear somewhere down the road. Being referred to Andrew Sabarre by my mother and sister, ultimately saved my running.

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Andrew took a whole body approach as opposed to fixating on the location of injury. Training for Fat Dog 70 miler in the summer of 2013 I was averaging about 90 miles per week while battling metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis. Through an effective biomechanical analysis and progressive core strengthening, Andrew was ultimately the reason that I was able to survive such a tough season, allowing me to achieve second place and beat the existing course record. His easy going and friendly personality added to the experience as well making those trips to the physio clinic a lot more enjoyable!

I consider myself an athlete and very active in winter and summer sports. I was referred to Nathan at Pivotal Health by an athlete friend mine in his 40s. The day I met Nathan I instantly realized he is a world apart from the dozens of physiotherapists I have had in the past.

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I immediately became confident that I had found a very knowledgeable professional, and a clinic with cutting edge technology in this field. The one on one attention, the level of confidence, the incredible new exercises that he puts me through and, his personal attention to rehabbing is next to none. Thank god I found him. It only took me 30 years of going through many physiotherapists and chiropractors!!

One of the smartest decisions we made in advance of the BC Bike Race was to pre-book treatments with the Pivotal Health team. Going as hard as you can in the saddle for 7 days straight (even with utmost preparation) can really take its toll on your body. The world-class massage and physiotherapists at the Pivotal Health tent ensured that our bodies were tuned-up and ready to race each day.

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What really sets them apart from other health professionals is that they are riders and athletes themselves, and understand what our bodies and minds are going through. We finished third in the Open Mixed category (a mind-blowing achievement for us as we are downhillers, not XC racers!). We’d have to attribute a big part of our success to the team at Pivotal Health for keeping us rolling strong day after day!

Andrew totally fixed my neck prior to my departure to France. I was pain free by the next afternoon!  That was a first for me after years of dealing with recurring neck and back pain. I was expecting an uncomfortable flight ahead of me, but instead I was A-OK. I sat there sipping Champagne in my little airplane socks watching bad movies, happy as a clam.  Thank you Andrew! A bientot!

Meeting Nathan has been a life changing experience. I came to him with chronic IT band syndrome, that had progressed to constant pain and the inability to do any of the outdoor sports I enjoy.  Nathan was able to find the underlying weaknesses that were the root of my problems. Today I’m stronger then I have been in years and pain free! It’s going to be a good ski season!

After several frustrating months of misdiagnoses concerning pain the my groin and lower abdomen, I was able to get in contact with Andrew. He was the first physiotherapist who knew what my specific problem was, and as a professional athlete that was reassuring to hear.

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We spent 6 intensive weeks together using the Core-X system for my sports hernia and were able to avoid a surgery I initially thought was a certainty. Andrew was very knowledgable, hands-on and an absolute pleasure to work with. Core-X was the tool we used to strengthen my body to the point where surgery was avoided. I could not have been happier with the experience and would recommend Andrew to any and all clients!

It may sound strange but, as personable and humorous as he is, it’s been wonderful not seeing Nathan. I haven’t had to. When I first started seeing him a couple years ago, I went in complaining of numbness in the toes on my right foot. Each time I’d run they would get numb and send sharp pains through my foot. I was shattered at the thought of having to quit running. Until I met Nathan that is.

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Within minutes of our first meeting Nathan felt he had a good handle on what I needed and went straight to work. Although I was a squirming sissy with the I.M.S. , it worked immediately in conjunction with a targeted strength and function program designed to reactivate the major muscles I had stopped using and had learned to compensate without. Not only did Nathan build this program for me, he also liaised with my personal trainer so that she could help me carry out my goals for a full recovery. In addition to strength and function work, I received massage from Pivotal’s Jenn Quehl who understood my specific needs based on the dialogue she was able to have with Nathan before my appointments. I was never in the dark about their plans for me. They took the time to educate me and always used examples that I could understand.

Thanks to Nathan’s wisdom, compassion, team approach, I.M.S. needles and desire to see all angles of a problem, I have since run three 50k’s and two 50 milers. I’ve never been so strong and confident that all my muscles are firing as they should.

Something Nathan said to me has always stood out and identifies his true character: “I don’t want to see you in my office”. The mandate he operates on is genuinely to get his clients healthy and back out the door doing what they love.

Moving to Canada to pursue my ambitions of mountain biking and skiing, I hadn’t quite envisaged the impact of those dreams on my body! I have been a patient of Andrew’s for many years, and recommend him very highly.

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He takes the time to understand what is causing your issue, how it occured, and gives you his professional diagnosis as well as explaining exactly what is happening in your body. Numerous times I have seen Andrew and the exact words are “you have to make me ok by the weekend because I have a race/trip booked/going insane”, and although he gives me a reality check, he also accepts that I am probably going to go and do it anyway and works with me. He has a wide range of skills, including strapping and ‘needling’. I had never experienced this ‘needling’ before, and even with a slight needle-phobia, I can attest to the benefits of having this performed. He also gives practical exercises to do at home and is committed to finding the best way to achieve the results you are looking for. Without him, my body definitely wouldn’t have been able to keep up with my heart’s desire to continuously throw myself down mountains.

Pivotal Health, Nathan, Candace, you are the best team yet. With your professional credentiaIs,  I would recommend Pivotal Health without hesitation to anyone who needs a physiotherapist.  And I have!

I first came to Nathan one year ago, coupled with a big dream, a looming race date, and an angry body. Nathan’s knowledge of the human body is unparalleled, and his work in addition to his sound advice are huge contributors to my completion of the Iron Man this past August.

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Over-training and little recovery led to a series of painful hip flexors, patella tracking of the knees, non-firing glutes, and a series of back and leg pains resulting from various compensations. Nathan used intra-muscular stimulation, stretching, active release and strength training to help each problem as it arose. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.