Running Analysis

Posted in Physio Sports | August 19, 2014

As a runner, I am always interested in learning how I can run better, faster, more freely and injury free. Having recently done a running analysis, I was blown away by what I learned about my own running style.

Being able to visually see my heel strike, my upper body position, how I lean and where I hold tension was enlightening.

Using Coach’s Eye software to record me on his iPad, my physiotherapist was able to explain where muscle imbalance may be occurring and what I could easily work on to improve alignment and find more strength. The frame by frame technology allowed us to slow down my run to view each individual movement with detail.

Following my recorded running analysis, we reviewed stretches I could be doing, easy at-home strengthening exercises and simple visualizations I could do while running to help my mind and body learn how best to run.

With fall around the corner comes the feeling of fresh starts . As you start penciling in your fall running schedule and imagine those crisp morning runs, consider scheduling in for a running analysis here at Pivotal Health with Jon ( bonus – our treadmill has sweeping views of the north shore mountains!)

Whether you love running in the trails or on the road, this insightful experience will help you enjoy your miles!